Karen in shop
Australian Artists United was founded by Karen Wiseman.
Karen is a figurative abstract artist living in rural Victoria.
Australian Artists United: is a marketing incubator that provides a gallery of exclusively Australian artwork in all genres.
AAU features Artists and Artisans that are skilled/emerging or developing in their art practice.
AAU believe by connecting and promoting Indigenous and Non-Indigenous artists/artisans who call Australia home collaboratively, we join the isolated islands that we are as artists.

AAU Facebook page is only part of an overall marketing network strategy for Australian Artists United, in its goal to work collaboratively to increase exposure and recognition for Australian Artists .
AAU Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are all linked to stream through each other to gain wider exposure for artists.
AAU is currently developing a website for Australian Artists to Unite as one collaborative marketing strategy under the banner of Australian Artists United.


26 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Guys, I recently posted a painting on your facebook page and you suggested profiling me on your Blog. I would be honoured and grateful for the extra exposure as things are pretty quiet here on the Gold Coast. Let me know whenever.

  2. Hi AAU, after placing my collage on your facebook page you asked me to message you re profiling me on your Blog! I would love that! Hope to hear from you soon
    Gaye Tait
    The Tait Gallery

  3. Hi there, Thanks for offering to include my work on your blog. I assume from the above comments I should send you a statement, pictures, website links etc.
    Is this correct? Thanks again,

  4. Hi there,
    I have just found your post on my facebook photo page inviting me to be in touch re featuring on your site, I would love to be involved! Let me know how and we will go from there! Thanks so much,
    Kylie Fogarty

  5. Hi there Karen? Not sure where I am supposed to “stick” this, so will do it here as others before me seemed to have. You asked to do a blog on me me me! Yep, cool, please email with details and whatcha need. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the clip. Ill post another to there later. Thanks Franko!!

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