Linda MacAulay


Linda MacAulay was born in rural NSW and spent her childhood observing the landscape and its inhabitants and  was fortunate to discover her passion for art at a young age and always knew she would grow up to become an artist.

Her high school teachers allowed her to experiment with all forms of art and taught how to see the beauty in everything around you. Linda failed to get into Fine Arts at University but her determination and will didn’t, so she undertook numerous short term courses at TAFE studying everything from Photography, Chinese Brushwork, Folk Art, Drawing, Oil Painting and Watercolour.

In the early nineties she  moved to Western Australia and fell in love with the arid regions of the Australian landscape. Water mediums became her true passion and she quickly established a career as a watercolour artist winning a number of awards and exhibiting both interstate and overseas.

Moving to Melbourne in 2001 proved a challenge with more a European light and a softer colour palette was required than what she had been used to.

As an artist it made her realise just how important vibrant colour and humour was to her work, so she started painting in acrylics in an effort to create large scale, colourful work whilst still enjoying the unique properties of a water based medium that had won her many awards and gave her title of water colour master . Numerous artist residencies in Uluru has  allowed her to continue to explore my Australian themes.

Throughout her  arts career she has  enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others through teaching, her blog and  You-Tube channel. Her  recent appearance on the popular Australian Artists TV show “Colour in Your Life”  has allowed me to share my love of exploring new techniques with a wider audience.

You can view more of Linda’s work here


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