Paula Kerr

pk5Paula Kerr
Paula was born in South Australia and raised in a creative artistic family with an Artist Mother, and it seemed perfectly natural for Paula to pick up brushes and paint landscapes since she was a young girl.
Paula started by painting her environment while living and travelling in the outback, her paintings proved to be popular and her work sold quickly. These early sales were just the encouragement that Paula needed.
Relocating south up to Queensland, Paula’s colour palette changed as she absorbed   the contrasting rich colours of the red centre to the lush green rainforests, with the haze from the eucalyptus trees and moist, green rainforest atmosphere, she was soon painting in acrylics as well as oils.
The local scenery of the Blackall Ranges are bountiful resources for Paula’s passionate creativity to try and recreate on canvas a faithful rendering of how she perceives God’s creation and its natural beauty. .
Since joining the Blackall Range Visual Artists, Paula has proved to be a favourite with her landscapes, winning ‘people’s choice awards’ in the BRVA exhibitions and is currently one of the top ‘selling’ artists of the group.

You can contact Paula through her Facebook site

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