Gail Harradine Watjobaluk/Jupagalk Artist

Gail Harradine Contemporary Watjobaluk/Jupagalk Aboriginal Artist


IMG_7420‘Tchingal & Waa (Crow) Story by Gail Harradine

Gails artworks are an expression of identity as a Watjobaluk/Jupagalk woman, and how her art links her back to her ancestors, her spiritual connection with  land , family,and the totems, all incorporated within her contemporary art.

Gail latest exhibition at Desert Edge Arts Gallery opened with an informative and enlightening talk as she explained the symbolism within the layers of her works Starting with Tchingal & Waa (Crow)  which incorporates her great great grandfathers totem the mussel shell a symbol that is present in a lot of Gail’s work, the shield symbol respecting  her clan honouring the traditional custodians of her country. The emu feather as a link to the river story’s, and crow belongs to the Giant Emu story of creation of the river.

IMG_7442 Wattle-bird with Emu Egg Yolk ( from Giant Emu Story) Giant Emu Story the dreaming story of the creation times,travelling through…

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