Robyn Jean Grace Garnet M.R. ART


RJG of M.R.Art
My journey began later in life, having no art lessons, my creativity began to find ways to coexist whether with leather-work or glass work, I have always loved to create, my major love being wood carving.rag6

This year 2014, I was presented with a gift of pastels and paper. This began a momentous journey into the art world ..creating just for the love of it.. I work mostly in graphite at the moment, but I do tend to explore and play with other mediums and won’t limit myself to one path. In the very near future I do plan to open myself to commissions. Mostly my chosen topics thus far have been furry or feathered. I am but one half of M.R.Art.. the other being my husband. We are each other’s best friends and critics, pushing and encouraging each other continuously. As a couple we are creative souls enjoying art for the love of art.
Any queries or for more information please visit us at:
Or contact us via email at:

rag rag1 rag2 rag3 rag5


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