Jenny Ras

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Jenny  was born and raised on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Her  mother was an artist, so Jenny grew up in a house where art materials were always on hand. As a child, she loved to draw, and filled many drawing books, and bits of butchers paper with her works.

Jenny dabbled in art at school, but didn’t really dedicate herself to it. Then, as an adult, life got busy with raising  four children, three of whom have disabilities, so there really wasn’t time for much else.
Her daughters are all wonderful artists, and seeing their talent and skill develop, reignited the desire to create once again. Jenny had dabbled in watercolour in the past, but it wasn’t for her, she says she didn’t have the time, room or inclination to mess about with oils or acrylics, I needed something I could just pick up and do when I had the time. In March of this year (2013), I saw some artwork online done in coloured pencil. Something just clicked, and I just knew I could do it. So, I bought some Prismacolors, and I haven’t looked back.
Jenny considers herself lucky enough to have her work included in Ann Kullberg’s book “Colored Pencil Treasures Vol II”, and also an upcoming issue of Colored Pencil Magazine. Jenny is busy doing a lot of pet portraits, but hopes to branch out and do more portraits of people, that is where her passion lies. Jenny says  I’m still learning and finding my style, but I feel very excited about the future, and where my art might take me.

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you can find more of Jenny’s work on Facebook @



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