Belladonna Raudvee


Born in NSW, Belladonna grew up along the Far South Coast and in the mountain ranges of Towamba State Forest.

Belladonna says she always had an interest in book illustrations, and from a very young age wanted to illustrate children’s books.
 Belladonna now lives along the Coral Coast of WA with her partner and 3 young girls.

In between the busy rush of life Belladonna has reignited her ambition to illustrate books.

Belladonna says she feels she is finally finding her place in the world of art. Preferring the medium of inks, pens and pencils, Belladonna’s  detailed works  are in private collection across Australia and New Zealand.

Belladonna is quickly building a reputation with her detailed drawings gaining recognition locally as an award winning artist

2011 – 1st place Highly Commended “Child In The Spring” Dongara Denison Art Exhibition
2012 – 1st place “Elephant”
4th place “The Croke Girls” Dongara Denison Art Exhibition
2013 – 3rd place “The Old Jetty” Dongara Denison Art Exhibition
2014 – Viewer’s Choice “Sweet Dreams” Dongara Denison Art Exhibition
You can find more of Belladonna’s art on
or follow her on

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