Felicity McCreadie


Felicity is a Melbourne based artist with a strong passion and definition of exceptionally vibrant colour and texture.

Working with inks as her primary medium on superior linen she creates canvases that exhibit emotions, life and connection to the viewer.

Originally basing the inks on landscape views she eventually developed techniques to create flowers, nudes and ocean scenes.

A long standing corporate career In communications and media provided Felicity with skills to translate onto linen.             An opportunity arose for her to shift focus and take an enormous risk to become an artist full time. She embraced this and in seven years has sold over 500 pieces of art. Private commissions hang in homes in New York, London, Boston, Manilla and all over Australia. It has been an incredibly fulfilling and passionate journey for Felicity who has received no formal training as an artist but always held the ability to create, the eye for colour and the visual communication presence to display the complexity of beauty in her art.

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