Karen Wiseman


Karen’s  mixed Media Intuitive works are her interpretation without being hindered by historical reality. The energy of my conceptual works are the key to UN-locking your imagination.

Karen Wiseman (°1958, Victoria, Australia) Conceptual Mixed Media Artist.
Karen’s works never show the complete form. This results in the fact that she can easily imagine her own interpretation without being hindered by the reality. With a conceptual approach, she try’s to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way,  to involve the viewer in a way that they believe in the idea of her work. Karen says “The energy of my work and its emotional and spiritual vibrations are always important to my creation of the work. My collected, altered mixed media works are aesthetically resilient, thematically interrelated from memory and projection I am a visual story teller and I want to share what moves me.”

In Karen s current series titled ‘Fetish’ she is not hindered by reality in her mythological bird women.  Karen says “Birds are symbolic in that they release us from earth bound limitations, no boundaries. Our deeper selves is Free to Fly, no limitations, No boundaries. To me the bird symbolizes life, hope and the bliss of flying above daily struggles. They create a sense of harmony longed for by those who fall victim of daily oppression, violence and injustice.
The essence of the bird can be many and we all relate to them differently. I leave it to the audience to decide the meaning of something that remains eternally symbolic.These warrior woman are created intuitively. I do not set out with a plan to create a certain theme or scene, these woman make their own marks. Its their story, my story, and you the viewer will see/hear your own.


IMG_6327 IMG_6328

You can view more of Karen s work through Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karen-Wisemans-Open-Studio/154994317888797

Email ; karen.wiseman@bigpond.com


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