Linh Huynh


Born in 1967, during the Vietnam war, Linh spent her formative years in the midst of change and continuity. In the turmoil and chaos, she also saw the calm and tranquility around her. In the people, she saw the quiet determination of continuing everyday routines – the vendors selling their wares, the women bargaining in the markets, the children playing in the streets. In nature, Linh saw the sun light shedding through leaves, the sandwave under her feet, the mould formation on old broken walls. It is this elegant simplicity in the mundane that has captured Linh Huynh’s interest as an adolescent growing up in post-war Vietnam.

Linh Huynh came to live in Melbourne, Australia as a young adult and quickly discovered that despite being more developed and progressive, the subtle nuances of the everyday was the same to her. It is this quiet beauty which we all tend to overlook in our busy lives, that Linh captures in her paintings.

As a professional artist, Linh started with life drawings and water colour, before moving to oil and acrylic. Her paintings are held in private and public collections in Australia and overseas.

Linh Huynh has been a member of the Victoria Artists’ Society since 2008 and has been exhibiting artworks regularly in local exhibitions.

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