Corey Jammes


Corey James was Born In a small mining town called Newman in the Pilbara, Western Australia. He says ‘Watch the movie ‘Red dog’ and you’ll know all about it’.
He studied a diploma of visual arts at Hornsby college.
Corey’s developing art style explores different mediums to explain subject matter depending on what’s inspiring him from day to day. It’s easy to get inspired by the outback from day to day however to stretch out I do dip into abstract and fantasy art from time to time. It’s important for me to always be creative or I tend get stagnated/stifled for some reason.

Aside from fine art Corey has always been interested in design and illustration which is evident in his work. Corey also writes/produces down-tempo/electronica styled music and plays guitar and drums.
Corey loves to travel, exploring new countries and cultures,a passion passed down from his famous great uncle, Sir George Hubert Wilkins, an explorer.
Corey Currently, lives in Bourke (outback Australia) and his environment influences a lot of his work and is currently working for the department of education.

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Coreys work is represented by Desert Edge Arts Gallery @


Also at

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