Franko/ Paul Franklin

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(Paul Franklin) Alias Franko is a self confessed art addict.
Paul is an Australian born full time artist residing on 160 glorious acres in an area known as “The Scenic Rim” of Queensland. He shares this with a multitude of animals, a beautiful wife and a couple of ankle biters.

Born in Newcastle NSW, and raised there before moving to Queensland, Franko spent much of his early adult life within the apparel industry where he developed refined skills in graphics, and business and marketing expertise. It was after exiting this industry that he fell in love with painting. Paul said it all started from doing some large scale pieces for my own home. With encouragement from family and friends (though not certain if they were just being polite), I put together a few pieces, and sold 7 pieces in the first week. It was on and as they say “the rest is history”.

Like many, I am a self taught artist, and to date have focused on being self representing, and developing my techniques in large format textured Abstracts and Portraits, animals and “things” in a highly textured Abstract Realism style. I believe that by not limiting myself to one style, I have been able to create a broad client and fan base.

I have been working as a fulltime artist for about 7 years now, and consider myself fortunate to be able to make a living as an artist, and thank those clients that have supported my “habit” along the journey. In late 2013, I built a 250 sqm studio with 4 paint areas for different styles. From easel work thru to super huge, and super messy.

There are no expectations that anyone will like or even buy my art. But I hope you will feel something, even if its “dislike”. I always look for BALANCE in the design of my art, with analytical structure (really I mean chaos!!) and I normally paint with lots of texture. I also LOVE color. Depending on my moods and inspirations, the outcome could be of a realistic nature, or totally abstract. Some of it will be naughty, and some simply designed to try and bring about a smile. I’ve learnt not to take life or art too seriously. With art, you can just turn it around and paint over it (to me its just another layer of texture!!)…..and life? Well of course no one gets out alive!

Id like to boast that everything I do is “original”. However, like mashed and remixed tunes and movies with borrowed concepts and effects, I believe most artist have influences and borrow aspects from other artists. It might be as simple as a color scheme, or the way a medium is used. I believe the concept of “recycling” goes further than just trash.
I love the form of artists like Andy Warhol and David Bromley (whats not to love!). Pop Artist Leroy Neiman is perhaps the point of greatest inspiration for my work. Colour! Yes!!
I also find inspiration in the poster work of Wang Guangyi, structure and colour of James Willebrant and the super hero layering and detail of Michael Shapcott. What about Abstracts I hear you say? Australian artist Michael Whitehead. His use of colour and composition is (to my eye anyway) brilliant.
So that’s all about me……your turn! Franko!
To see clips of my art in progress please visit my youtube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!)
rhino on the look 160x100

so this is Andy 240x100

in depth blue 160x100

Icon 190x100

go speed 190x100


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