Christopher Vidal

Wave Christopher Vidal was born in Malta in 1972 and has been living in Sydney since 2009. As from childhood, Chris developed an interest in art and for two years he attended art classes to develop skills in drawing and watercolour. Christopher pursued a carrier in medical research and it was after he moved to Australia that he started looking at arts as another opportunity to explore.
His inspirations come from nature and the various wild habitats of the Australian landscape, with his preferred topics being the Australian bush especially gum trees, old sheds and farm houses. After moving to Australia he had the opportunity to travel quite extensively around the country. Travelling around the country and being closer to nature increased his artistic inspirations, productivity and desire to develop his artistic skills further. His current works consist mostly of Australian landscapes in oils and acrylics, although occasionally he also uses watercolours. His style is realism painted in an impressionistic way, a style that he is still exploring and developing. Chris says that painting gives him the opportunity to appreciate more what is around us, starting from the simplest things that we take fore granted because of our busy everyday lives. He says that he can still express himself through the landscapes that he paints, expressing his mood in the colours of the skies, clouds and ocean. Being a person coming from a scientific background he has a special love for nature and life, and because of this he finds that when painting landscapes he is linking his love for science and arts. As from childhood he was always amazed and interested about nature and how it works in order to sustain life on this planet. He was always amazed by the fact that the conditions that support life are a result of different phenomena that sometimes might look to us as violent and catastrophic. He sees a paradox that nature’s beauty is only possible thanks to the elimination of the unfit and disadvantaged. In his paintings he tries to show this paradox through the use of vibrant colours most often in combination with cloudy and stormy skies or rough seas. With his arts Chris wants to deliver a positive message about life which unfortunately seems to be overshadowed by the constant negativity that we hear in everyday life through the media, since unfortunately bad news sell more. Chris wants to send a message that despite all the negativity that we are constantly bombarded with, far much more good and positive things happen in everyday life and arts should be a way to deliver this message.
Chris is an active member of the Parramatta Society where he is part of the committee and managing the Society’s website and workshops. He is also a member of Oatley 101, Combined Art Societies of Sydney and the National Association of Visual Artists (NAVA). He regularly participates in local art exhibitions and he sells his artwork through online sales, local markets, exhibitions and commissions. His works can now be found in private and corporate collections in Australia, Malta, China, UK and United States. Chris says “It is nice to see people appreciating my artwork and ready to invest in it. This is truly encouraging for me and I am very happy that through my artwork I share with people my experiences of places they may never been able to visit and see for themselves”.
For more information about Christopher Vidal artwork you can go to:
Outback Sunset

Sailing near Bradley Heads


Misty Gums

In the Bush


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