Jos Coufreur


Jos is a professional, award winning artist and has been painting and drawing from a very early age. He first began to exhibit and sell his artwork from the age of 13 in Australia. When he was 17, his Dutch parents took the family back to Holland where he attended the Royal Academy of Art in Den Bosch. He met and married his wife Hilly and together they moved to New Zealand where they raised 4 children.  They followed their kids to Perth, Australia and now live and work in Mandurah.

 Jos has developed a distinctive style over the years. ‘I paint spontaneously, letting the colours form the picture. I cannot predict what the end result will be when I start the painting! Over the long years that I have been working as an artist, I have built up the knowledge and technical skills to do this. And of course my artistic talent helps me to react spontaneously with colour to the subject I am painting. My subject matter ranges from famous iconic people to cityscapes and dog portraits.

Ph 08 9535 7865

jc jc1 jc11 jc2 jc3 jc4 jc5 jc6 jc9







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