Sheridon Rayment


Sheridon Rayment:   Is an Australian wildlife artist and contemporary painter. A self-taught artist, with academic qualifications, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Visual Arts from the University Newcastle. 

Sheridon likes to draw and paint a diverse range of subjects, fauna, flora, landscapes, esoteric /intuitive artworks.  Sheridon explores techniques associated with automatic art, channelled art, creating with the higher self and subconscious.  Archaeology inspires her in particular Celtic, Viking and Scythian, as well as myths and legends, stating ‘ I am prolific and driven in my work, however I research my subjects and I gain much knowledge and understanding by studying them’. 

Nature is my inspiration.   I try to incorporates complex realistic backgrounds into my illustrations and paintings depicting the colours and textures of the diversely different environments within Australia.

I like variety and I enjoy experimenting.  I adapt my style to suit the artwork.  I work in a variety of media, pencil, pastel, pen & ink, watercolour, mixed media and acrylics. I paint on anything, canvas, board, paper, fabric, glass, walls, from miniatures to street murals. 

I also work with textiles, and I dabble in sculpture.  For the past few years I have been designing and creating jewellery.  I cut and polish semi-precious gemstones, then design unique pieces of jewellery, all my pieces are made by my own hands in 925 soldered sterling silver jewellery.

 Currently I specialise in owl art, but I am also immersing myself into a more graphic anime style, big eyed art with a new series I am working on, Little Heathens.  My original paintings and prints are available through selected galleries and retail outlets.] 

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