Christine Chester


Christine is a Perth based artist born in 1960 in Cottesloe, in a hospital that is no longer there. Christine says she has  always sketched and drew from a very young age, I started painting seriously approximately eight years ago, when I learnt to paint with acrylics in a course over two years at Canning Arts Group. I fell in love with the acrylic medium and the ability to lose myself into the freedom of the painting zone. Painting all sorts of subjects, ranging from birds, to animals, to water scenes, to buildings, to even cupcakes, abstraction is where my heart lies mainly. I feel so relaxed and free, painting to ease my soul and applying bright colours and see them blend in a way they look happy and joyful on the canvas. 

You can dfind and view more of Christine s work on her  Facebook page Christine Chester’s Paintings.
You can also see some of my work on



Image  Image


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