Debra Spence

 Debra Spence


 Debra says ‘Until recently, drawing and sketching had only been a hobby. Something to be indulged when I had a spare moment (or a spare piece of paper!) I was very busy doing grown up ‘stuff’ and any thoughts I had about doing more with my art were just daydreams’.

With encouragement from family and friends about two years ago, Debra was spurred on to spend some serious time developing her skills and seeing what could be achieved. Debra has had no formal training and continues to challenge herself and actively practices her technique . Debra  started with acrylics, but soon discovered the murky world of pastels, graphite and  charcoal and is now totally obsessed with all this chalky, intoxicating messiness!

 In 2013, Debra entered her work in on-line competitions and live exhibitions for the first time. Achieving Special Merit Awards and a People’s Choice Award at the 2013 Lane Cove Art Show. Debra also exhibited (and sold) a drawing at the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show – a huge personal goal achieved!

Debra  draws and paints wildlife and her preferred style is realism. Debra is totally in awe of the beauty of the natural world and trys to reflect this beauty in her work; at the same time hoping to stir emotion in the viewer, in some small way. Debra also hopes her art highlights to the viewer  the plight of the world’s many threatened species. 



 Twitter: @debswildart





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