Rod McIntosh Aboriginal Artist



Rod McIntosh is an aboriginal artist of the Kamilaroi tribe, a tribe which is situated in the Northern area of N.S.W.

Rod say’s as an aboriginal artist he is privileged to be able to share and show some of the stories through one of the oldest forms of art. Ron is one of several artists within his family of 9, so his desire to be an artist was fuelled at a very early age. He has fond memories while growing up, watching and admiring his mother and older brothers paint and draw, all the time learning from their abilities in painting and drawing.

Ron has dabbled in different styles over many years painting, and has returned in recent years toward his own cultural style, incorporating the symbols and meanings of the Kamilaroi peoples as shown to him by his mother and the other elders. 

Ron feels like he is in a constant learning phase about his culture, and his work draws  inspiration from the connection to Culture, Nature, and to Country. 



You can find Rod on Facebook


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