Kiara Thomas


Kiara is  currently living and creating out of Perth, WA. It wasn’t until mid 2013 Kiara started favouring paints over pens. This switch came when she was invited to work along side of local and internationally recognised street artists for a range of events.

September of 2013 Kiara held her first solo exhibition and is continuously creating new works for individuals and brands around the globe.

– APEX “The future of our oceans” group art exhibition 5/4/14
– ‘Works for Walls’ Group showcase event by the city of Subiaco (live painting)
– ‘Well Played Sir’ First solo exhibition. The Bird, William st, Northbridge. Sept 13
– Cafe Denada group collections 2013 and 2014
– Occupy Pop-up Exhibitions 2013
– Gomboc Gallery, 30th Anniversary Sculpture Survey. 2013
– Beaufort street festival 2013

Commissioned wall works:
– Common Ground Collective. 224a William St, Northbridge. 2014 – Current
– Corner Gallery, Hay St, Subiaco
– Double Double Small bar, Hay St, Subiaco
– Akute Magazine headquarters, Many 6160 (old Myer building fremantle)
– Scotties Shop, Claremont
– White Elephant Warehouse, Dianella

– Teenage of loud (US band)
– Ray Finkel (AU, Perth band)
– The Coconut Ruffs (AU, Sydney band)
– Private Tattoo commission designs

– The Music, Perth
– Crisp Magazine, Melbourne
– Mugs blog, Perth
– Fremantle Gazette, Perth

You can find Kiara’s work on her Facebook Page

Instagram- Intstagram: @MissKiaraThomas 







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