Josh Townley


Josh Townley

I have always had an interest in creative pursuits, from drawing and painting to writing, but for reasons I still don’t fully understand, I chose to study chemistry at university. Perhaps it seemed like a safer career path than art, and although I went on to complete a PhD in chemistry, I realised it would never bring me the satisfaction that I got from drawing. I believe that life is too short to spend it doing anything other than what you’re passionate about, so late last year I decided (with some encouragement from my wife) to give it my best shot, and see what I can do.

I am attracted to the world of realism and hyperrealism, which is the creation of images that go beyond what we can see in a photograph, and influenced by the work of modern artists Denis Peterson, Paul Cadden, Armin Mersmann, and many others. I strive to create works that draw the viewer in with detail and in doing so, establish a connection, understanding, and respect of the subject.

Although I’m yet to make any real impact in the art world, I plan to test myself by entering the Black Swan Prize for portraiture later this year, and over the next few years begin to produce work that is gallery worthy.


Instagram: jtownleyfineart






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