Lynette Beverly Viertz


Lynnette belongs to the Jagera tribe of Ipswich, and is a mother of 3 children that inspire and encourage her through her art journey, and are her muse’s in her art practice.

Lynette says ‘My artwork represents my culture. I have been able to draw since I could put a pencil in my hand. I believe this passion and skills were passed to me by my mother who is also a competent artist . I suffer with bipolar, so when I’m going a hundred to one, that’s when I like to do my artwork. it is a meditative therapy that calms me down, and I enjoy doing it.
What inspires me to do my artwork?
The inspiration for my artwork comes from what I have seen or how I feel at that time.People around me with positive attitudes help me stay inspired arresting the demons of self doubt that all artists have. I feel that Art is in my blood and something I need to do as a form of positive expression of my world. My artwork is deeply entwined in my aboriginal culture, my moods, and is rich with the layers of soul and imagination.
My artworks are unique and special in every way because they are my heart story, unique only to me.  How do I make my artworks? Lynette is a cross disciplinary painter and drawer. In her painting  she uses a variety of tools to express herself outside of brushes, Lynette is renowned for using sticks from the environment connecting her to place as she records and explores telling a heart story into a visual story. Lynette see’s art as the inspiration of everything that is in her life. Lynnette plans to travel Australia one day and do more plein air nature paintings Lynnette says she is loving life and art and would like to take her artworks around Australia so other people can enjoy them to.

You can find Lynette’s work on Facebook at



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