Mia Laing



Mia Laing is a  West Australian artist and photographer,  living by the beach in sunny Perth.  Working in oils and specialising in figurative, narrative work, she endeavours to paint sensitive portrayals of family life. 
“I  am captivated by light, the play of shadow, the reflection of water. The beauty that surrounds us daily  in our ordinary lives is my greatest joy to paint.  A child and their pet; children captured unaware, lost in their play; moments in time, gentle, quiet, pondering. Story telling”.
Mia has spent many hours over the past two years of working her art full-time, learning the art of photography.  “Photography and painting go hand in hand for me.  I try to plan my paintings from the photo onwards.  Thinking of an idea, planning the photo shoot with the right light and setting,  then using the photo as reference for the oil painting.  Though just being in the right place at the right time has also worked 80% of the time!!
Mia started as a full time artist in 2012, entering her first art prizes and having two wins almost immediately.
2012 – 
              *1st Prize ‘Animal Art Awards’ Perth Art Expo UWA –     “Girl’s Best Friend”
              *Art Expo UWA Exhibitor
              *’Peoples Choice Award Winner’  Mosman Park Art Awards 2012 – “Look Before You Leap”
              * Finalist Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2012 – “Joy”
              *Finalist South Perth Emerging Art Prize 2012 – “Vintage Roses”
2013 – 
              * Invited to exhibit at Newman Art Show
              * ‘Hollywood Adolescent and Youth Cancer Centre’  “Sock it to Sarcoma”.  Permanent hanging in the new hospital centre.
              *Finalist South Perth Emerging Art Prize – “The Ripple Effect”
              *Highly Commended – West Australian Society of Arts Annual Exhibition – “Peaches and Pottery”
              * Finalist Perth Royal Agricultural Show – “Sunny Girl”

You can find Mia daily on
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/mymiasart
Instagram:   http://instagram.com/mymiasart
and weekly on her blog:   http://mymiasart.com/

Celebrating ‘Life at the end of a paintbrush’.






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