Mirree Louise Bayliss

ImageRainbow Serpent

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Mirree, I am a full-time Contemporary Aboriginal painter from Australia. Mirree represents the Dingo totem (which is a native wild dog in Australia) in my family and always reminds me to stay true on my path, allowing my inner feelings to guide me on my journey. My Aboriginal heritage comes from my father’s side and my mother is European, I am the whitest one in my family with everyone else having tan skin, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I was born in Wiradjuri country in Dubbo, central west of NSW Australia, most of my family come from there and the border of QLD & NSW. I currently work from my studio in NSW creating new paintings to bring the world all these colourful Artworks by Mirree for you to enjoy. I travel overseas to promote my Artworks to the world in places such as Sydney, Canberra, New York, Miami & India. My goal is to reach other places such as China, Japan, Dubai, Europe and Canada. Whilst developing my International recognition as a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Australia I operate my online business to make my Artworks readily accessible to the public.

• How have your skills developed over the years?

I took up Art in 1996 to leave a destructive life behind, I begun as a Fine Pen Artist and over the years I developed my style in painting. I found painting to be a more expressive medium, but always go back to sketching for my preliminary plans & ideas for future paintings. Although I’ve been painting for a very long time now, I find I’m always learning something new with my Art, whether it be about the subject I’m painting at the time or an idea I’m thinking how to execute. Forming a massive part of my Art is the inspiration I draw from my past, this has greatly contributed to the development of myself as an established Artist and person in general. I take my life and the universal content of my paintings very seriously. Whilst I am always on the lookout for new concepts for my paintings, I am open to learning new experiences to growth as I allow my instincts to guide me.

• Where does your inspiration come from for your artwork?

My inspiration comes from living life to the fullest and taking the time out to really connect with nature. I love to paint nature and the Australian wildlife using the bright colours to express my feelings and deep connection to nature. I like the viewer to connect deeply with the experience of my paintings, viewing them from another level away from the ordinary mundane day-to-day life, to create a movement. I believe life should be about having fun and experiencing all the things that bring you the most happiness. I also believe my paintings should bring the viewer a unique experience that creates energy, feeling and movement; this to me is the most important in creating a experience for my all my viewers to appreciate. • Do you have any advice/tips for people interested in taking up your skill?

My advice would be to really go for it, trust & truly believe in yourself and your instincts. From my experience as an Artist, Painting can be similar to a sea or river, diving into that deep pool of emotion to allow something beautiful to emerge. Allow the rhythm and energy to flow and don’t let the mind get in the way of it’s subtle movement.

ImageKoala & BabyImageLand of the Ancestors

ImageDragonfly Swamp




You can find Mirree’s work on
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ArtworksbyMirree
Website- https://artbymirree.see.me/
or http://www.dreamsofcreation.com/


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