Michelle Macnamara

Michelle1 Michelle Macnamara – Artist & Human Studio – Byron Bay

Having no formal training as an artist, Michelle has been painting and selling her work for 15 years. Always holding her own exhibitions, mainly in disused spaces or spaces that wouldn’t normally be used for art events. Michelle is not currently represented by a gallery. She work’s and sells her work from her Open Studio in Byron Bay.
Artist Statement
“At best we are all a projection of our own perceptions. We have the ability to shape any situation
to be better, stranger or worse than it actually is. The mind is powerful and there are no
rules when it comes to its ingredients. Each series that i paint is recognisably different. A reflection of my emotional state and surroundings. I wish to throw the viewer into a sublime yet terrifying world that is just beyond their immediate grasp.

I work in a very free, unattached way. I allow my brush to move as if it were not my own and as a
consequence a narrative begins to unfold. As the painting progresses from line to shape to form,
I hone in on certain details that are immediate to me, bringing them to the forefront as the central
All of my work is an exploration in self-portraiture, and of my inner and outer world. I would try to evoke an emotion in the viewer. Fear, anger and discontent, sometimes humour, love and compassion.”

4/27 Brigantine St
Byron Bay
Arts & Industry Estate

Michelle Macnamara Website: http://michellemariemacnamara.com/

Michelle5 Michelle4 Michelle3 Michelle Michelle2


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