Lisa Murphy

ImageImageImageImageImageImageLisa Murphy Is a self taught, pen and ink artist.

Working for many years only with graphite it was during her years of teaching Calligraphy, that Lisa started to experiment with the possibilities of using nib and ink for her drawings. From that moment on, Lisa has never turned back.

 Lisa says “I found my niche, I adore working with ink. It allows me to create the details I love to lose myself in, as well as allowing me the wild abandon of expressing myself through bleeds, drips and runs  across a page.  Lisa has always used art as a form of expression, a silent voice. Her  art is heavily influenced by emotion, as she endeavours to transfer onto paper, a visual image of an emotion felt.

Much of her work is filled with a sense of sorrow and melancholia which holds a rich depth of beauty.

Lisa  loves to draw hair and uses it to help with her visual expression, weaving it across the page, through and around the subject of her drawings. Lisa feels It is the power in the movement in lines that influence  how she draws, creating the entwined strands of hair, the curve of an arm, shoulder, face, creating not just emotion but a subtle sense of fragility and gentle beauty.  There is a wonderful sensuality and vulnerability that can be achieved and expressed in the simplest of lines.

Lisa uses a limited pallet, allowing the lines and their energy to remain the focus for viewer.                                                                        
 Lisa’s  love of nature and the beauty that surrounds her is embodied within her work.

 ” Nature finds its’ way into many of my drawings, especially flowers and birds, both of which I have a great affinity.
I love to draw and feel privileged to have others enjoying my creations..

You can purchase Lisa Murphy’s original works at Saatchi Online.

Prints and cards of all Lisa’s  works can be purchased through Red Bubble

Lisa encourages you to follow her  on Facebook, where she uploads new art works regularly.






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