Sara Riches


Sara Riches says, I have kept my maiden name for my art, because my artistic roots stem from my childhood, with my mother being a major influence in my art, and my desire to draw from a young age.

I live in Narembeen Western Australia. I wrote and illustrated a children’s book at the age of 16, “Fat Frogs on a Skinny Log”,

and have since illustrated other children’s books for several authors.

Sara graduated from the Advanced Certificate of Art and Design at Midland Tafe WA with a certificate of Excellence, and is now a Mother of three children. For years Sara was unable to put pencil to paper, being a Mother of three young children, one  with special needs, for a while Sara felt she couldn’t express what she was feeling with her art as a busy mum.

In 2013 Sara faced a turning point in her art career and forced herself  to draw everyday, even though she admits to start with it was painful, now Sara is unable to stop drawing, and the process has become not just enjoyable, but therapy, a need and a relief,and something she longs for as part of her day.  Sara loves figurative work, and is drawn to feminine beauty, its fragility and its strengths.

Her work is emotional, her feelings being transferred to paper, the mood of her work reflecting her own mood mostly.

Sara says art is therapy to me to finally get out these feelings of grief, sadness, hurt, pain, but also love and happiness. I love fantasy, that special place in your imagination which is both beautiful and dark, where mermaids and mystery resides, and my art focuses on this also. I love Mythology, and poetry, some of this can be seen influencing my work. Music is also a major influence in my everyday life and art.

Sara is experimenting with mix media, inks, pencils, paints, watercolor. collage and sometimes oils. With three kids so young, the only time Sara has is on hour while her baby sleeps during the day and after the kids go to bed. This forced time limit has helped her choose her medium of ink and collage as a prominent medium to transfer her feelings quickly.

Sara loves different textures and surfaces to paint on, creating stories within stories, and is  excited to see where her art journey will takes her. Sara’s passion is all so new and raw and experimental at this stage, and she is enjoying the aspect of discovery. Sara says, The feeling of fulfillment is hard to describe, even if no one ever viewed or noticed my art, I could not  stop creating. It is like a drug. Sara Riches original art work is for sale on Saatchi online,

And is available as prints, canvas, cards and  iphone covers from Redbubble,

You can follow Sara’s journey and discovery on facebook,

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