Ruth Le Cheminant


Ruth le Cheminant, an Australian contemporary, abstract artist.


Ruth works with acrylic paints, oil sticks and collages using text and mixed media . She translates and personally responds to the landscape of the world around her whether it be in the Blue Mountains, the Mallee, Tasmania, the western districts of NSW or the Outback.

Ruth says there is something wonderful about the world around us and all the subtleties within it. Ruth likes to spend time in areas that intrigue her and allows herself to absorb that particular environment. Painting is Ruth’s way of interpreting her world. Using the information gathered, -the feel, her sketches, photos, become reference that Ruth interprets in a personal non-traditional way. Her mothers death led her to spend some time in the area of the Mallee that her mother grew up in, paying homage to her mother, Ruth explores Why the area meant so much to her mother. On her first trip Ruth felt dismissive and didn’t initially see the differences but realized by the end of her 2 week stay, she wanted ti know more, see more, experience more. A further two trips, and Ruth is now entranced. During her last trip Ruth collected soil samples, discovering the range and graduations of colour just in the soil, let alone the vegetation. The soil samples remain with her stacked in pattern in her studio-The reality of the variations of that landscape. Ruth considers Elisabeth Cummings, Ann Thomson, Idris Murphy but a few of the mentors and artists that she admires, that work in colour placement that interprets their world in an abstract manner.

Ruth remains resolute to continue to develop her painting skills, pushing parameters, trying new concepts, learning from others as she explores new ideas and skills.

ImageImageImageyou can find more of Ruth’s beautiful work on her website at

or on her Facebook page -The Loaded Brush- Ruth le Cheminant




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