Lucy Prior

ImageLucy Prior

Lucy Prior is a print maker, illustrator and mixed media artist from Newcastle. She draws her inspiration from personal experiences of love, loss, grief and the human condition. Her work is a sensitive response to experiences common to all. The work is imbued with a sense of better things to come and the joy and pleasure to be found in every day experience. 

‘Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult’ – Hippocrates. 

Lucy’s most recent exhibition in 2013 titled ‘Pieces’ is a collection of lino cuts, collage canvases and collage black and white linos with a Japanese influence. 
Her current explorations include clothing designs, unique handmade greeting cards and books.

Lucy draws inspiration from the comfort of and beauty in the natural world and simple pleasures. The feeling of sand and salt water on the skin, nature and long baths.

Lucy hopes people draw as much joy and comfort from her work as she does in creating it.

Follow Lucy on instagram @lucypriorart



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