Jet James

 Jet James is an established artist living on the Capricorn Coast of Australia. Born: 7.8.1984 
Jet James  story is powerful, moving and inspirational. Jet shines a  light on the ability to rise above heart breaking adversity.
Being abandoned and witnessing drugs and violence was a way of life for Jet at an early age. Jet’s mother led a life of thrill, marrying the lead singer of the Animals, hanging with Jimi Hendrix and partying at Andy Warhol’s notorious cocaine bashes .
Jet found a gift in art, and friends and family noticed this by the age of 3. Tragically at the age of 8 Jet was an orphan. The time that ensued led to times of isolation on some of Queensland’s most remote cattle stations, this isolation allowed years of self reflection through art with little to no influence. At the age of 15 Jet was already gaining recognition through awards at a state level for his creativity.
His father was an artist & art has always been part of his life. Jet’s art started at an early age influenced by life tragedy.
Five days before Christmas in 1992 Jets  Mother was murdered, & his Dad was put into jail, he  was only 8 when this happened.
His Dad committed suicide 2 years later after being released.
The  over whelming sense of loss and loneliness  was a challenging and a difficult realization.  Jet says “This experience left a hole in my heart, so as a child I learnt to fill it with hope.  Art has given me hope and a purpose in life,   a sense of belonging,  and most importantly a opportunity for my  heart to shine.
A quote that resonates with Jet

The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it”

And that is exactly what Jet has done. Now at 28, the Yeppoon based artist Jet James is still creating ripples in the art scene with his art being short-listed by the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, in its Youth Self Portrait Prize. He has continued to win significant awards regionally and nationally, with his most recent win being in the Oak Hill Annual Printmaking award in Melbourne.
Jet’s artwork is among many public and private collections across Australia,  with a growing market of private collectors from Switzerland,  England,  Russia, Germany, Mexico, United States of America, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.
These days Jet finds himself throwing himself into his art, continuing to be experimental and enjoying the inspiration that the region has to offer. His work is inspired by life and finding a relationship with his environment.

 28 July 2009

Jet James was shortlisted for the National Youth Self Portrait Prize by the National Portrait Gallery of Australia
“Vocational Student of the Year”
With over 600  nominations from across Central Queensland, Jet James was awarded the Vocational Student of Year.

Jet’s style of art is collagraphs, a printmaking technique which operates on the basis of collage and applying materials to a rigid surface.

“I am enjoying the journey of art, and it is an exciting one, It is a bit of an addiction, really.”

Jet has used the knowledge gained from completing a Diploma of Visual Arts with Central Queensland Institute of TAFE in Rockhampton to build his career into a business.“I am pretty driven to succeed,”

Because of his successes and a solid track record, Jet was able to set up an at-home studio with the assistance of a Microenterprise Loan through the National Australia Bank.

As well as displaying his works locally, Jet has started promoting his business on a global level, selling works on eBay and through his website, and devotes time to networking online.

Jet says “Even though I am  in a regional area I am still globally connected.”

And it is already paying off, with success in online sales as well as plans to have works displayed in a gallery in the US already under way thanks to his connections.

Jet also won the 2008 Charles Ware Award for Young Artists, which included a $5000 cash prize.

He has also been shortlisted for the National Self-Portrait Prize for Young Artists.

The National Self-Portrait Prize for young artists aged 18 to 25 was inaugurated by the National Portrait Gallery and included $10,000 in prize money.Image

As far as his success in competitions, Jet believes it is a confidence-builder and shows his work is appreciated.

“It is basically just giving you recognition  and the confidence to strive for the goals you make.”

1474426_10151826439439033_1498124057_n                       1495887_10151835726369033_466857562_o 1495900_10151842773724033_792966874_o 1493372_10151844553009033_1473726584_oYou can see more of Jets work on his website at



You can buy Online at



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