Delma White Botanical Artist





Delma was born in Albany in Western Australia and raised in Mt Barker, a South West rural town. Delma has lived in many country towns and is now based in Perth. Delma has  always had an interest in drawing and studied for her Diploma in Art in 1987. However time was taken out to raise a family and just in the last few years her creative interests have re-emerged.

 Delma says she works mainly in pastels and oils, her pastel drawings mainly represent life in and around the shearing sheds and farms where she spent a lot of my childhood. Delma finds the application of pastel very direct and spontaneous. The ability to apply colour directly to the surface gives freedom and expression to the works. My oil paintings are more studied and considered and I am more able to concentrate on the effects of light on shape and form. The Still Life is my main subject. I also have a great interest in West Australian flora, the Sturt Pea being my favorite. Delma is also including some country landscapes in her paintings.

Delma has won many awards for her beautifully detailed works.

First Prize – Belmont, Local Scene
First Prize – Metrochurch, Nature Award
First Prize – Vic Park, 2D
First Prize – Gosnells, Works on Paper
First prize – Northam, Pastel

Delma says through her paintings she hopes to draw attention to the preservation of Western Australia’s bush-lands by painting the  unique flora in their natural environment. There are approx 3,000 species on WA’s endangered list and Delma hopes that by raising awareness to the flora that is endangered that her paintings wont be the only reminder of Western Australia’s flora.

You can find Delma’s work on Facebook

or visit her Website




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