Geoff Hale Fine Art


Geoff Hale
 Is a  self-taught Brisbane based artist primarily working with painting and pastel drawings. Geoff studied Interior Design at the Queensland University of Technology and balances his practice with digital 3D architectural illustration work.
  • As a realist artist, Geoff always aims to create highly detailed images, while also particularly interested in creating works that play with depth and perspective. Much of his inspiration is drawn from the beauty and contrasts of the natural environment. Water has always been a favorite subject for him to paint. Geoff enjoys the challenge of representing the movement and translucency of water in a still image and finds the subject itself quite tranquil and relaxing.

    Having experimented with a wide range of media over the years he has  found soft pastels to be his preference, although he still looks forward to experimenting more with oil paints when he finds the time. Geoff particularly likes the versatility and immediacy of pastels. Being a dry medium, it means he can work on an artwork at anytime without delay – there’s no need to wait for layers of paint to dry before advancing further. Geoff says ” I can be quite impatient when I’m motivated about a painting, so pastels are often an ideal medium for me. Using a combination of under-painting, a thick application of colours, and a high level of detail, my pastel artworks are often mistaken for oil paintings or even photos’.
    Along side Geoff’s passion for art, he  also runs his own digital 3D rendering business- producing architectural visualizations for a range of clients including architects, designers, developers and marketing agents. Although he considers himself fortunate that he does not have to rely entirely on his art to pay the bills, Geoff states ” it can often be frustrating when things get so demanding with my other work that my time in the studio is restricted. It’s certainly a good thing to be busy though and fortunately I do enjoy both professions”.

    Since Geoff’s  first solo exhibition in 1999, He has had 6 solo exhibitions, participated in numerous group shows and completed over 150 commissions. Some of the exhibitions he has  entered in recent years have incorporated The d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, Kenilworth Arts Festival, Live Life Villages Art Prize, Royal Queensland Show, Tattersall’s Club Brisbane Landmarks Exhibition, Pine Rivers Annual Art Awards, and a variety of school shows including Nudgee College, Terrace and Brisbane Grammar School. Geoff  was honored to win 1st prize in the d’Arcy Doyle Art Award for Landscape in 2011, and was awarded Overall Winner and People’s Choice at the Live Life Villages Art Prize in 2010. Two of Geoff’s pastel works have also been recently acquired by the Gold Coast University Hospital adding to their art collection.

    Although Geoff  has found art to be such a rewarding profession. Geoff States “I still have much to learn.. I want to continue exploring different techniques and mediums and travelling to new places for inspiration. I consider myself very lucky to be able to pursue my passion and make a living from it at the same time. I would encourage anyone with a similar passion to follow their heart and pursue their dreams”.

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