Melanie McCollin-Walker

melanie 2                                                 Image    Melanie 5                                                           melanie                                                      melanie 3                                            Image 

Melanie McCollin-Walker, creates wonderfully palpable and evocative work. She poignantly captures the human experience of naturally occurring elements, and the crucial component of movement within them.

McCollin-Walker translates her ideas directly onto canvas or linen. She relies purely on her instinct to direct the brush and immerses herself in each work. She paints from a notion or a conviction, and plays with colour and texture to build a series of light and dark areas, where an image and the power within it are slowly revealed.

McCollin-Walker’s art is an aesthetic experience of intense emotion, with vivid renditions of complex cloudscapes, light on water and radiant skies. Whilst much can be said about the intriguing elements of romanticism, realism, surrealism and the abstract in Melanie’s work, her brilliant vision is at once fresh, original and contemporary.

Melanie had her first solo exhibition with Singapore and Melbourne based Australasian Arts Projects in 2011 and since then has been invited to participate in several prestigious group showings. Including her recent exhibition with Sidney Nolan and Adam Cullen, based on work inspired by the life and times of controversial bushranger, Ned Kelly. Her works have subsequently been compared to the likes of J.W. Turner and the Heidelberg artists. In 2013 she was shortlisted for the Clifton’s art prize and went on to win the coveted ‘People’s Choice Award’. Her work is part of collections in London, L.A, New York, Munich, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.
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