Gaye Tait


Gaye Tait ‘Is currently studying online for a Bachelor of Fine Art through Curtin University in Western Australia. Living in Bundaberg, Queensland Gaye runs occasional drawing workshops for the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and belongs to an art group called ‘The Brag Trade’ which is made up of a versatile and diverse group of artists.

Gaye says “Experimenting is important to me as I love to see where the journey will end when using new and untried materials. Charcoal drawing captures my imagination because of its blending capabilities and beautiful outcomes. While painting is my first love I am finding collage allows the imagination to take hold with stunning results.
I am intrigued with the human form and find that I keep coming back to shape and movement of women. Bright, dramatic colours is also a feature of my work. I will be exhibiting some of my work at the Dirty Linen Art Space in Bundaberg in March. The exhibition titled ‘Just Nudes’ will be just that. A collection of work from The Brag Trade and our interpretation of the beauty of the human form.

After the disastrous floods in January 2013 in Bundaberg Gaye’s work shifted and she has been busy creating a series of work looking at the fractures not only of the landscape but the fractured lives as well.
In October 2014 I will also be exhibiting at Gatakers Art Gallery in Maryborough, Qld and again in 2015. You can find more of my art work on my facebook page The Tait Gallery.Image Image


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