Paul Bennett


Paul Bennett Acrylic Artist
Paul has been painting for over 50 years as a Scenic Artist/Signwriter
Paul has managed his own business in Sydney for more than 20 years
and 14 years as the inhouse Scenic Artist for Warner Bros. Movie
World on Australia’s Gold Coast prior to retiring from the pressures
of the commercial world. He has since rekindled his passion for painting
and now works almost exclusively with acrylics, striving for realism in
all his work. Paul has won many awards for his paintings on the local
art scene and is making his name with the variety of genres he covers.
Seascapes, landscapes, nature, portraits and still life are all targets for
his fine art and he is always available for commissions and can beImageImageImage
contacted via his websites to discuss your artwork and a free quote.
Paul’s paintings can be shipped anywhere in the world from his home
town on the Gold Coast if required. A visit to Paul’s websites will
highlight quality of his paintings.



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