Lisa Cherie Janssen

I am Lisa Cherie and I am a portrait and animal artist. I love to draw people’s loved one’s, both people and pets. I gain so much satisfaction from the lovely and wonderful reactions I receive from people when they see their loved ones come to life on a piece of paper. What an awesome way to capture a moment in time. I am naturally drawn to and I love art, animals, spirituality and nature. I love to draw animals, people, tattoo designs, celebrity portraits and characters. I draw with graphite and although have dabbled in colour a little, my art is mainly in black and white. My art is part of who I am and when I’m not drawing I’m missing a valid part of myself. I have just completed a 30 day drawing challenge where I have drawn every day for a month. What a challenge and not only to draw every day but to draw a variety of different subjects and yes some in colour too!! I know what I love to draw and although I found I am capable of many subjects, I believe my spirit comes alive mostly in my drawings of animals and people.Image You can find Lisa On Facebook @



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