Belinda Joy Raymond


Beneath this exterior of skin lies a complex world.

On Belinda’s Facebook page, we get a glimpse inside her inspiration.

Belinda says I like to explore. Initially my explorations began years ago at university, where I tried to incorporate my spiritual journey into my art. I used the landscape and how my perception of the land changes as I view it and even after I have walked away. Yet also the land changes me. How do you portray something like that? It was a good place to start, and it has taken me on many journeys deep into perception on many levels. So where is my work at now?…. well I seem to be showing more of my internal landscape rather than my perception of what I see in the physical landscape. It contains what I see and yet fuses with my thoughts, dreams and that which just randomly pops in. To begin with I called it Psychological Grazing, then became Internal External and now its more 6 Directions of Perception…..ever changing and evolving…..that’s me

I simply seek awareness of what is there, what is felt and what can be discovered. I work with paper, pencil, water color, acrylic, markers and gauche to map these mind-scapes.


You can view more of Belinda’s work on her Facebook page



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