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Award winning artist; Jacky Murtaugh, returned to painting after moving to Australia in 2009. Since then she has built on her reputation for the unconventional and extraordinary, becoming known for her vibrant and richly coloured paintings of nature, sparkling renditions of water and blinding representations of sunlight.

She captures the fleeting moments and a sense of the ephemeral.


Her current work deviates from the representational taking a symbolic direction.


Mobile: 0407268708

Email to jackymurtaugh@hotmail.com.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jacky.Murtaugh?directed_target_id=0




Jacky Murtaugh – Artist  




Jacky Murtaugh is an Adelaide based contemporary artist working in oils and acrylics.

Inspired by a vibrant and unfamiliar landscape, Jacky has approached her art practice with the energy and adventure of a young child. Her paintings are an abstraction of her perception of Australia, creating a strong sense of adventure and new beginnings.

Natural elements are her reference material in which she uses the infinite patterns to communicate her message in her emotive and intricate art work. The symbolic use of trees describes life-cycles, time and distance whilst water is used as a symbol of purity, strength and change.

In many cases she has deviated from traditional composition, purposely emitting the land and only focusing on the reflection. The impression of movement evokes life and energy and is intended to promote a reaction and a connection to the natural environment.


Paintings in oil or acrylic are made up of layer upon layer of colour and shape; each layer offering a glimpse of what lies beneath. The linear forms suggest perspective and changes in direction, sometimes completing a full circle other times losing sight of the journey’s end. Focusing on colour and emotional content all are vivid and powerful as is the Australian landscape.


Murtaugh’s work has been described as leaving the real world bland and radiating off the canvas. Her notoriety for her strong use of colour and unusual perspective has helped her achieve successful exhibitions interstate and recently awarded The Austral Emerging Artist Award 2013

3. Image


>2013          Let Them See (Queen St SALA)

>2013         Doors of Perception (Glenelg Art Gallery)

>2012         Illuminate (Suzie Wong’s Room)



>2013         Lancashire Lasses (National Wine Centre)                   


>2013         Lifescapes (Geoffrey Stapleton Gallery)

>2013          Artfuly Launch (Somedays gallery, Sydney)

>2013          Dance (Geoffrey Stapleton Gallery)

>2013          Evolution (Black Diamond Gallery)

>2013         Creative Collusion

                   (Foyer Gallery – Mitcham)

>2013         This is Australia (Geoffrey Stapleton Gallery)


>2012         Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

                   (Suzie Wong’s Room)

>2012         Waters Vicinity (Glenelg Art Gallery)

>2012         Five Ways (Garden Gallery)

>2012         SALA @ Stamford (Glenelg Art Gallery)

>2012         Edge of Reality (Gallery One)

>2012         Bike Art Adelaide (City Realty)

>2011         Andamento (Gallery One)



>2012         Mylor Art Weekend

>2011         Port Art Prize

>2011         Golden Grove Art Show

>2011         Blackwood Art Show

>2011         Campbell Town Art Show

>2010         Port Art Prize

>2010         Adelaide Cathedral Art Show

>2010         Royal Adelaide Show



>2013         Winner: Austral Emerging Artist Award (SALA)

>2012   Finalist: Austral Emerging Artist Award (SALA)




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