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Dave Behrens – db3
At once perplexing and intoxicating, Dave Behrens’ paintings whisk the viewer into an exhilarating, fantastical world of pattern, shape and colour. Inspired by Art Nouveau and Symbolism, Behrens’ latticed, multihued paintings exist in the shadowy realm between dreams and reality.

Behrens’ geometric forms, interchangeably seductively simplistic and elaborately ornate, intimately invite us into a world of wonder and exploration. He uses line & patterns combined with bold colours to express an idea of combined cultures to provide uniqueness to the observer, yet providing recognisable aspects of ancient artforms.

Influenced by ancient cultures, particularly that of Egypt, Maya & indigenous Australia, Behrens paints within paintings, evoking a sense of kinship with the past. “I am inspired by the vast universe, the limitless histories of our ancients and yet to be told tales from our imagined future,” states Behrens.

Dave’s works have been described as bringing a sense of sophistication, glamour, and classic simplicity to works that are anything but simple. A native of Sydney, Australia, Behrens lives and works in Brisbane, Australia.

Dave is a featured artist on the Australian Arts television program, “Put Some Colour In Your Life”, which screens on Foxtel and Channel 4ME.

In 2012, Dave won an inspiration award for his work “The Peace Within” and a reproduction of that work travelled the USA as part of a group exhibition promoting Peace.

Dave Behrens has previously exhibited at Agora Gallery, New York; Sydney Art Expo in 2009 & 2012, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra & his works are in private collections in Australia, Hong Kong, the USA and the UK

Website & Social Media Links

Website: http://www.davebehrens.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/davebehrenss.db3

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davebehrens

Instagram: http://instagram.com/davebehrens



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