Drawing Series “Shameful Australia” by Marnie Pitts

Marnie says Some of my earliest memories of drawing are from the Australian outback. I was born in Perth but moved with my family “over east” we spent a fair amount of time driving back and forth across the Nullarbor. I passed the boredom and amused myself by drawing on my lap and listening to my headphones, I still do. Although I am currently living in London, Australia features strongly in my work. In my drawing series “Shameful moments in Australian history” I am exploring some of the underbelly of Australian history. I am particularly interested in stories that have surprised me by their brutality; I wonder how I have not heard of them before? They are obviously such huge events in the nation’s history. I have also been influenced by the many paintings here in Europe that depict grand historical events. I have written a little on my blog about this series. http://marniepitts.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/drawing-series-shameful-australia/
I am just starting the next drawing in this series It will either be called “The harmony” or “Sweet damper” it is about the settlers practice of giving poisoned damper or flour to the often starving Indigenous people. The practice was known as “The Harmony” because it was supposed to achieve peace. The poisoning of the Daung wurrung people is one of the first stories I heard about. I could not believe it, what is even more horrifying is that the practice seems to have been relatively widespread and occurred all around the country.
I am also busy working on other drawings and paintings and I am just finishing off a few pieces for an exhibition next month at Swoon Gallery, LA.


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